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Agent Dartie, Intrepid, Daring, and Valiant

The threat and impact of online deception and crime is growing by the day, and it’s not just the victims that are impacted: the global economic impacts are quite literally hitting home for everyone.

What’s also clear is that the current methods for informing people about this problem aren’t working. The scammers are constantly adapting their methods and becoming increasingly more proficient and effective.

And that is precisely why DART exists.

We’ve developed an innovative platform to help protect our communities from this advancing threat, but we can’t do it alone.

And we never have.

From the inception of this project, this has been a truly collective effort, drawing from the expertise, ingenuity, and efforts of high-level researchers, engineers, administrators, designers, and community organizations from all over the country…

And we’d love for you to join us.

Research shows that people are more receptive to new ideas, new information, and help when it comes from a close, trusted source. So when it comes to helping educate and empower older adults and other targeted communities, there’s nobody in a better position to help us make a real difference than family members, caretakers, and organizations like yours.

Agent Intrepid and Agent Dartie
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Agent Valiant and agent Daring