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Just like reading a thrilling novel, playing a game allows you to temporarily escape from reality. It also makes you more aware of how devious scammers and their approaches are in the real world.

DeepCover game players can experience that same feeling of escapism while focusing on reaching their next level of play. Unfortunately, we’re living in a time where there is no escape from scammers. 

DeepCover is a digital spy game that will challenge player’s minds and release the protector from within.

Players are agents of DART (Digital Agents for Reducing Trickery) tasked with protecting others from an evil, deceitful organization called SCAMM (the Society for Covert Attacks and Mass Manipulation) which is intent on stealing from seniors.

Players focus on solving a series of puzzles in order to advance to the next level of game-play. With each level players are exposed to a variety of deceptive tactics and become more familiar with the language scammers speak. With every level the players advance to, they are awarded with additional intel to help prevent SCAMM from succeeding in adding to their list of victims. 

The seasoned game developers strategically designed DeepCover to provide insight into how scammers think. The well-designed game-play incorporates multi-layered scam scenarios so players are exposed to several stages of attempted manipulation, while building confidence in their ability to protect those who scammers prey upon.

If knowledge truly is power, then the DeepCover game will prepare users to protect themselves and the people they care about.
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