DART Collective Members On A Mission

DART Collective Members On A Mission

The collective is thrilled to announce we are officially up and running. Here’s what we’ve been working on to disrupt scammers:

New Website

We have launched the DARTcollective.net website to support those determined to stay a step ahead of deceptive scammers. The site will serve as a relevant resource tool continually updated with the latest information empowering people to protect themselves and their communities from scammers.

Want to stay informed? Want to get involved? Let us know.

New Mobile Game

The collective has developed, tested, and launched a new spy-themed mobile game called DeepCover. Designed using language, themes and scenarios appealing to older adults DeepCover helps them learn about digital scams.

The DeepCover game was created from multidisciplinary research conducted by experts in cybersecurity, gaming, gerontology, education and information operations.

Download here to play the game, and maybe learn some things as well.

Educating Communities

DART Collective members Anita Nikolich and Dan Cermak introduced the DeepCover game at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, School of Information Sciences, annual Research Showcase.

As the DART collective aims to address a wide range of online schemes older adults encounter. DART Collective’s Lead Principal Investigator and deepfake detective, Siwei Lyu expects his role will continue to grow. Lyu warns, “Deepfakes muddle the water. If they plant a seed of doubt in viewers’ minds that the things you see are not real, that will have a compound effect on our future information ecosystem.”

The collective will update the learning materials as schemes evolve. As the co-director of the UB Center for Information Integrity, Lyu and his team work to prevent online misinformation and disinformation.

Learn More about how Lyu is fighting deepfakes.

Cynthia Stewart, the Executive Director of DART Collective and founding Program Manager for the Center for Information Integrity at the University at Buffalo, teamed up with Pure Financial Advisors to present a webinar for their clients focusing on fraud targeting older adults. Cynthia took clients through a deep dive into the world of scamming covering a wide range of topics such as:

  • Why older adults are particularly targeted by scammers (common myths busted)
  • Why people need more than just information
  • Three of the most common scams targeting seniors: ID Theft, Grandparent Scam, and Romance Scam (how to spot them and what to do to protect yourself)
  • Advanced techniques: DeepFakes, Juice Jacking, Website Encryption, and How to set secure passwords

We’re excited to be launched and in action, we’ll be engaged in much more in the coming months, and we’d love your support in making a real difference in our communities!

One way to contribute and have a little fun is to become a DeepCover agent and see if you can protect others from SCAMM (the Society for Covert Attacks and Mass Manipulation), an evil organization intent on stealing from your community – and by sharing the game with people you think would enjoy it (and learn how to better protect themselves and others from online scams).

Another way is to sign up to stay up to date on the latest info regarding online scams and their prevention, or even how to become a Partner in DART’s mission.