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Online Scams Are On the Rise, Creating Losses of Over A Billion Dollars A Year

We’ve Created an Innovative and Effective Way
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SCAMM Agent Scheming

Nobody is immune to being targeted by scammers, but financial losses from Online deception for older adults is disproportionately higher than the next nearest age group. The Deception Awareness and Resilience Training (DART) platform helps older adults recognize threats and scams and protect themselves and their loved ones. A collaboration between researchers, game designers, and community organizations, the DART platform and content are tailored to make it accessible, relevant, and engaging for those most at risk.

DART Objectives

Facilitate examination and discussion of false or misleading information and inauthentic online behaviors.

Advance our understanding of the impact of dis/misinformation and scams.

Identify practices to best deal with scammers.

While the platform is currently geared toward older adults, it is intentionally designed to be adapted for other users, such as communities that speak English as a second language, corporate training programs, caregivers, students, and more.

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DART makes the difference through the mobile game, DeepCover, and the learning platform, DART Academy.


Impactful Education Made
Easy and Entertaining

DeepCover is a group of mini-games meant to engage and entertain users while also enabling them to better identify and avoid online scams.

DeepCover has been packaged as a spy game, where the player solves a series of puzzles to advance in the game–all loosely fitting the theme of protecting others from an evil organization called SCAMM (the Society for Covert Attacks and Mass Manipulation). Through compelling and well-designed gameplay, and built-in incentives to learn more about the subject matter through game scenarios and linked resources, the player who advances becomes much better informed about and therefore safer from real-life deceptions.

This learning is reinforced through interactive activities, quizzes and realistic simulations of online scam scenarios.

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DART Academy

Play. Practice. Protect.

DART Academy is the part of the platform consisting of in-depth educational content and programming. Using leading edge instructional design and current, compelling research, it leads the user to a greater understanding of the severity of the problem, the nature of the scams themselves, and how to identify–and therefore avoid–them.

This learning is tested and reinforced through quizzes and DeepCover mini-games, and then further put to the test in realistic simulations of online scam scenarios.

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